One Time Initial Securing

Ohiowide will change the front & rear entry door locks to a mastered key coded lockset specified by the client, secure the secondary entrances when necessary with either a slide bolt or 2 x 4 bracing and secure/lock all other accessible openings with their existing mechanisms (it present). When a garage is present a mastered lock or padlock will be installed on the walk in man door and the overhead door(s) are secured with a mastered padlock installed of the tracks. Winterization of the domestic plumbing system and/or wet heating system is completed to include the main water supply shut off, all fixtures and plumbing lines drained and cleared/checked with compressed air throughout the system and potable antifreeze installed for added protection of the existing lines/ fixtures. Lawn Maintenance/Snow Removal (when in season) is completed. A detailed condition report of the property is performed and information is submitted advising of concerns at the property and/or need for bid approval.