Eviction Services

Once an Eviction/Move Out date is set Ohiowide will act on behalf of the client making contact with the Deputy Sheriff to comply with their eviction procedures. We supply all required information to the Sheriff regarding the Mover and Locksmith who will assist on site on the day of the eviction. Ohiowide will perform a pre-eviction inspection 24 hours prior to the move out and advise all interested parties of occupancy status to determine if the move-out will proceed. On the day of the eviction, under the direction of the Sheriffs Deputy, our professional mover will remove and place items deemed of value by the sheriff into storage and our locksmith will perform the necessary securing measures per clients requirements. Once the move out is completed Ohiowide will submit details to the client and offer a bid for any concerns at the property in order to get the property ready for sale or conveyance. Photo documented reports it requested.